Independent Mission 01

Control sends the Agents for another round of the yearly certification.


Agents are needed to requalify and confirm their ability to perform their job on a certain minimum level to be part of The Agency.


Keyword Meaning
Delta-4 Documents to be retrieved
Tango-3 Theater of action


  1. Get Documents without triggering alarm
    • Enter a target building unnoticed.
    • Find a path to the office room unnoticed.
    • Gain access to documents in safe.
  2. Get out with the documents by any means necessary
    • Exit building by any means necessary.
    • Exit perimeter by any means necessary.
  3. End of test


Tactical Information

  1. Every participant will be wearing a helmet and vest equipped with sensors. The vest converts every activator bullets into an incapacitating jolt like a taser.
  2. Medium possibility of guards.
  3. Documents are located in a safe in the management area.

Geopolitical Details

Iceland Flag

Theater of action

Secure Location located in northern Iceland, 10km area cleared for exercise.


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